We have reduced the sugar in our Heartsease Farm range

We have re-designed our adult premium soft drinks range Heartsease Farm with new labels and sugar reduced recipes!

The start of 2018 has seen a big change at Radnor Hills, with a relaunch of our ever-popular Heartsease Farm Premium Pressé range to satisfy consumer demand more than ever before. The new reduced-sugar recipes are set to launch this month to meet the needs of health and quality-conscious shoppers, while maintaining the brand’s ethos to use only all-natural ingredients and lightly sparkling spring water from our farm in Powys, mid Wales.

The new healthy range contains the same amount of delicious real fruit juices as the classic offering, but around half the sugar content thanks to the use of Stevia, a plant based sweetener which contains almost no calories. The drinks still come in seven flavours, which are all available in premium 330ml, 425ml and 750ml bottles.

“With the continuing focus on health and well-being we have had an exciting journey creating these low sugar, non-alcoholic alternative soft drinks for consumers to enjoy; we are still using real fruit juices and our own lightly sparkling spring water to create these delicious drinks as it was important to us that we didn’t compromise on taste! ”

But it’s not only what goes into the bottles that has had a refresh for 2018 the bottles themselves have adopted a new look for the new year with a refreshed label design and sloping necked 750ml & 330ml glass bottle.

If you would like to request a sample of the new drinks they will be available later this month, please email us on holly@radnorhills.co.uk 

Published: 1st February 2018

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