The Perfect Serve…

The soft drinks market has really taken off over the last 10 years and now juices, smoothies, soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages can generate just as high margins if not higher than alcoholic drinks if sold effectively! Bars and Restaurants are really missing a trick if they don’t have an extensive soft drinks menu on offer!

Soft drinks aren’t always given the same focus by bar staff as alcoholic drinks, but premium soft drinks can be crucial for an enhanced drinking experience and providing someone with a drink that is different to what they have at home is important, you have to make it special.

Perfecting the ‘Perfect Serve’ is always important for soft drinks. If it’s a premium drink, it should be served in a premium glass! Fridge space is also really important, it’s no good piling the soft drinks in at the bottom of the fridge, then need to be visible and stand out to catch people’s attention. Serving a delicious soft drink is coming just as important as serving a glass of wine…and so it should be!

More and more people are classing themselves these days at ‘tee total’ and are looking for non-alcoholic options when going out, it’s important that you promote your soft drinks well and make sure you have a premium range of ‘grown up’ soft drinks and not just cater for kids. It’s no good just offering adults a pint of cola and think that will cut it. Promoting your premium range of soft drinks can be done in a number of ways. Treat it like an alcoholic drink! Include them in drinks menu’s, let them appear on bar mats, make non-alcoholic cocktails. Let your bar staff taste the products and learn about them, how it tastes, what ingredients they have, just as you would with a bottle of wine. This is a great way for staff to help sell a product, especially is it’s an unknown brand.

The soft drinks market is forever growing and expanding, it’s a race to keep up! Every consumer wants a soft drink, and they are happy to pay for it – gone are the days of asking for a glass of tap water! People want tasty, fun and vibrant products to spice up their day, be it for energy, hydration, and health benefits or for a spot of luxury – people want something different!

Published: 29th June 2016

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