Heartsease Farm hits Aldi for Summer Promotion!

This summer, for a limited period only selected flavours of our Heartsease Farm Premium Pressé range will be available to buy at Aldi stores nationwide!

We are SO excited for this promotion, and hope you all enjoy our drinks as much as we do!

The range includes some timeless traditionally British recipes made with the finest sourced ingredients and blended with our lightly sparkling natural spring water! Savour the classic taste of the British countryside with our delicious Elderflower Pressé, travel back in time with our Traditional Lemonade recipe which tastes ‘just how you’re Mum used to make it!’ We have gone the extra mile this time to make these drinks taste as good as they would if you made them in your own kitchen!

Our drinks have all the finesse and great flavours of a ‘grown up drink’, but without the alcohol. Get excited about this year’s summer essential drinks range!

Published: 21st June 2016

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