EDUcatering’s Self-managed School Catering of the Year!...And he loves Radnor!

Radnor Hills all set up at King James School for a taste test

Since winning EDUcatering’s Self-Managed School Caterer of the year in 2015 Ryan has been busily providing fantastic meals at King James School in Knaresborough to all his 1,700 students and staff. Ryan has worked at the school for 3 years and has been Head Chef now for nearly two!

After the new school regulations came in recently Ryan was quick to act and after a long summer of sorting out new recipes, suppliers and menu’s he got it sussed! One thing that he wasn’t at all worried about was his school compliant drinks. Ryan already stocked the Radnor Fizz and Radnor Fruits range which are both fully school compliant products and ticked all the boxes for schools and are all allergen free! They offer each child one of your five a day in a bottle, contain 45% fruit juice and meet all the new school regulations for soft drinks. Although it was a lot of hard work Ryan feels that the move for school catering has been really positive, it’s made everyone think about school food a lot more, everyone is working together to provide a better package for school meals and it works so much better now everyone is working towards the same guidelines.

‘’Children love Radnor Fruits and Fizz! They fly out the fridges! I take all the flavours in fruits and fizz, and tropical is by far the most popular, although the Sixth Form has really taken to the Peach Fruits’’

Drinks pride of place in the school canteen fridges

Ryan gets all his Radnor Drinks from ‘Dunsters Farm’ they are a distributor of both chilled and ambient drinks, they provide a great service at realistic prices and solve any last minute problems he may have at a drop of a hat! They deliver twice a week to King James School and two whole pallets are full of just Radnor Fruits and Fizz.

Since Ryan has been head chef he has really concentrated on providing an equal service for everyone! He does a great meal deal each day which also includes a Radnor Drink, he is able to do this because Dunsters Farm can offer him such fantastic rates! His meal deals fit within the ‘free school meals’ budget so there is no divide in the dinner hall and less stigma attached to the ‘free school meals’.

‘’Passionate about providing an equal service to all students’’

Ryan also provides a great opportunity for the year 9 SEN class at school, every Friday he provides cooking classes for the students, thinks up fun and innovative ways of teaching them about healthy foods, and shows them how easy it is to re-create our much loved fast food but in a healthy way! And of course they get to eat them afterwards too!

Ryan and his SEN group cooking classes!

Every 1.1 second a Radnor drink is being sold within the King James School break and lunch time service, around 6,250 drinks a month! Ryan is always looking to extend his menus and products within his service; he is excited about the new Sour Cherry and Cherry and Raspberry favours which are soon to be added to the Radnor range and thinks they will be a massive hit with the students. The students have married into the Radnor brand now and Ryan’s own ‘Bite 2 Eat’ campaign! Ryan is massively proud of his team after winning the EDUcatering award and hopes to continue the success for 2016 and we wish him the best of luck!

Published: 12th February 2016

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