Radnor Fruits: 125ml Tetra-Pak

Still Fruit Juice Drink with Sweetener

Case size

  • 30 x 125ml
  • 231 cases per pallet, 21 cases per layer, 11 layers 

Other Information

  • School compliant in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • Lightly pasteurised to preserve quality. This product contains natural juices, therefore colour variations may occur.
  • Packed (3 x 10) 30 x 125ml cartons in cardboard cases.
  • Best Before End: 12 months.
  • 125ml Tetra Carton with Hole and Straw.
  • Transport and storage conditions: Store at ambient temperatures.
  • Intolerances: Suitable for vegetarians, suitable for vegans, free from nuts and nut derivatives, free from gluten, free from dairy products, free from GM.

Still Fruit Juice Drink with Sweetener

Nutritional Information for Radnor Fruits: 125ml Tetra-Pak - 50% Orange Still

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