Do benefit waters actually deliver benefits? We think so, and here are 5 reasons why…

Well, firstly what is a ‘benefit’ water? 

Benefit waters otherwise known as ‘Functional Waters’ or ‘Water Plus’ is one of the most exciting growing new categories in the soft drinks market. A functional water often has a health orientated benefit attached to it, whether that be an immunity booster, natural energy pick me up, added electrolytes and antioxidants, added B vitamins, the list goes on and on...

Examples of some functional waters in the market


1 - The market is growing 

In 2018 water plus value sales grew by 7% to an estimated £608 million, up from £568 million the year before. Zenith Global forecasts that the water plus market will continue to increase volumes over the next five years to reach whopping 748.5 million litres by 2023, adding another 193.5 million litres to total volume. Just to quantify that for you, that’s growth of roughly 77 olympic swimming pools full of water! 



2 - Nearly 50% of the UK general public consume Sports and Energy beverages

Rising to 80% of men aged 16 – 24 years. This category provides an opportunity to capture 50% of the UK population – offering consumers what they want! 

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3 – People want natural and are prepared to pay more for them!

Water with benefits often use natural ingredients. According to Mintel 7/10 consumers want or look for natural energy drinks & they are prepared to pay more for them! Which brings us nicely onto reason number 4…


4 - Increase retailer’s margins 

Health concerns seem to be fuelling much of the innovation within the soft drinks category, which has helped to energise the functional water drinks sales for retailers. By selling drinks that a perceived to be added value and healthier, consumers are trading up from water to water plus. This allows retailers to increase their margins. 



5 – Recommended Dietary Allowances

(Average daily level of intake sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements of nearly all (97%-98%) healthy people)

These days’ we are sleeping less and exercising more and unfortunately for us all,  working longer hours, which means that we don’t always have time to sit down and eat a good hearty meal to ensure our intake of nutrients is sufficient. Times are changing, and innovation within the soft drinks industry has led to the creation of drinks which help you reach your recommended dietary allowances all from a sip of a bottle, which can be consumed anywhere, any time! Whether that’s zinc, energy, protein, folic acid, fibre or multi vitamins there’s something for everyone, almost! 

And let’s not forget the hero here, the water. Where would we be without it! Water contributes to 60% of our body and provides so many health benefits!


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Published: 17th July 2019

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