Radnor Hills’ sustainable solution to shrink wrapped bottled waters

To ensure we are fully compliant with the latest government proposals for plastic packaging we have sourced a more sustainable shrink- wrap solution for our multi-packed bottled water that includes 30%recycled content and is fully recyclable.


Working with RPC bpi protec, an industry leading manufacturer of printed and unprinted flexible plastic packaging, we were able to source a new highly sustainable shrink film called X-EnviroShrink. 

X-EnviroShrink is comparable to virgin polymer-based shrink film in its performance and function.  It is manufactured using the ‘Sustane’ recycled polymer and with its ultra-low carbon footprint this enables X-EnviroShrink to set a new standard in shrink film technology, combining recycled content with full recyclability. 

Sustane is a, high performance polymer grade that contains in excess of 50% post-consumer and post-industrial recyclate collected from the waste stream and is manufactured in the UK by RPC bpi recycled products. 


We now use X-EnviroShrink for all of our shrink-wrapped cases and this is our latest move to meet our commitment to protect the local and global environment.  The bottled water plastic packaging now includes recycled content and is 100% recyclable after use whilst still delivering on protection, functionality and cost-effectiveness – all equally essential for bottled water.

William Watkins, Managing Director at Radnor Hills said “When RPC bpi protec approached us with X-EnviroShrink, the ability to integrate further recycled content into our packaging solutions was extremely appealing and we are delighted with the results and the improvements it has made to our sustainability strategies.” 


Published: 19th March 2019

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