Introducing Radnor Splash!

We have a new name for our flavoured water formerly known as Aqua Splash...Introducing Radnor Splash!

Radnor Splash offers healthy hydration in 330ml sparkling and 500ml sports cap bottles and joins our Radnor Fruits, Radnor Fizz and Radnor Hills Water ranges under the ‘Radnor’ umbrella.

Made with our very own spring water and natural fruit flavourings these low calorie drinks are the perfect source for hydration. They are still available in the same winning fruit combinations with no changes to the recipes (why change something that works so well?) including Strawberry, Lemon & Lime, Peach, Orange & Mandarin, Forest Fruits and Apple & Blackcurrant. Consumers don’t need to worry about any hidden sugar as this range contains absolutely no sugar in any of the flavours.

We currently produce around 40 million bottles of flavoured water a year and with the growing trend in healthy soft drinks – this is a fantastic product to have on your shelves. However we do like to see ourselves as a one-stop-shop when it comes to soft drinks and have developed a full range of fruit juices, school compliant drinks and adult premium pressés in glass, plastic and tetra cartons. Visit our website to see our full product ranges

The re-designed drinks range is one of our most successful brands.Plain water can often be seen as boring and this is a perfect alternative whilst helping consumers reduce their sugar consumption.

Published: 13th November 2017

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