TREE AID UPDATE: Sintayehu's Story

Thanks to our customers, TREE AID’s projects in Ethiopia have helped people like Sintayehu, who is an apple farmer.

Before he joined a TREE AID project, his five children often went hungry. They ate the same meal which was low in nutrition over and over again. The whole family shared a small hut with their livestock, and had just one set of clothes each.

But when he joined the TREE AID project, his life changed. Sintayheu received apple tree seedlings and the tools he needed to get started. Today, Sintayehu has over 17 apple trees in his orchard, and is able to sell the apples at a local market. Using some of this money, he bought a bee hive, and now he sells honey too.

With his additional income, Sintayehu has built a new home for his family, so they no longer have to share with their animals. He has bought them more clothes so they can get changed when they go to gatherings, and they are able to eat nutritious diets which stops them from falling ill. Life is a lot brighter for Sintayehu, and will only get better!

Thanks to all those who have supported the Fruella TREE AID campagin so far by buying a bottle!

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Published: 11th May 2017

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