Radnor Hills Introduces NEW TASTE APP

Keeping up with the times Radnor Hills have just launched their brand new Taste Test App for their school compliant drinks ranges Radnor Fruits and Radnor Fizz.

The APP has been specifically designed to help test the drinks flavours in schools to get feedback from the students to help the Radnor Sales team build knowledge and understanding and keep at the forefront of the school compliant drinks market.

Radnor Hills Sales Manager Chris Sanders quotes ‘We are so excited about the launch of our new taste testing app; it’s going to open so many avenues for us! We have an extremely busy year ahead and it’s going to really help us!’

The drinks each contain 150ml of fruit juice per bottle – the rest is made up of natural spring water! They provide children with one of their 5-a-day in every bottle they drink and are available in the following flavours: orange, peach, tropical, forest fruits, citrus, apple, cherry & raspberry, cola and sour cherry.

Radnor Hills are committed to keeping kids happy and healthy and strongly believe that refreshed students make super-bright learners!

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For any more information please contact Holly Wagstaff

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Published: 15th March 2016

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