The Smart Sugar App… That’s not so Smart!

Over the last few weeks parents have been responding to the latest new APP - the Change4Life Sugar App which was launched on the 4th January 2016 with the idea to help families cut back on the amount of sugar they consume on a daily basis.

The app allows you to scan over 75,000 food and drink products and test them to see how much sugar they contain.

Unfortunately the App has a few flaws, and consequently has been giving people false information as it contains numerous mistakes. Members of the British Soft Drinks Association have informed us that the data that the APP is based on is either outdated or just incorrect – hence the false information!

Our range of Radnor Fruits and Fizz drinks are fully compliant with the latest school food trust regulations.

None of this range of drinks have any added sugar, any sugars present occur naturally from the fruit juice concentrate that make up the required 45% or 50% juice content and fully compliment a healthy well balanced diet.

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Published: 2nd February 2016

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