Our Brands


School Compliant Ranges

Radnor Fruits, Fizz and Cola form our exciting fully school compliant range. Proving extremely successful in the Education Catering sector with trendy innovative packaging, all products contain 50% fruit juice, making them 1 of your 5 a day fruit portions per 330ml serving.

All products have been developed to satisfy the demanding needs of this sector and fully comply with current school food regulations including Schools Food Trust, Appetite for Life and Food for Life.

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Mineral Water, Fruit Flavoured Water and Premium Pressés Ranges

Radnor Hills extract water from a naturally mineral rich water source at our manufacturing site in Mid Wales. This perfectly refreshing mineral water is the base of our core product range.  By adding natural flavourings to our water, we have created an extremely successful brand of still and sparkling flavoured waters and a premium range of sparkling fruit juice pressés, in PET.

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Premium Glass Range

Heartsease, more than just the farm location from which Radnor Hills operates but the name bestowed on our glass water range. This premium packaged range furnishes the best dressed dining table and is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.  By blending fruit juices with our spring water we have created a delicious sparkling juice pressé range called Heartsease Farm.

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